Many see Pennsylvania’s Senate race as the most important in this November’s election. And so, once again, we bring you PARTISAN PROJECT -- a group of designers and artists using their time and talent to help bring about change. Unlike the important and necessary “Get Out the Vote” campaign and other bipartisan campaigns like it, PARTISAN PROJECT chooses a side. We firmly believe that a vote for Rick Santorum is far worse than no vote at all.

We printed 7,500 copies of each poster (82,500 in all) and assembled them into poster packs. These packs are now being dropped in bookstores, coffeehouses, restaurants, bars, libraries, grocery stores and universities throughout Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas of southwestern Pennsylvania. We also plan to distribute posters to the entire state. And we hope to print and distribute even more. Your donation can make this possible. HELP US

Now, we are not naive enough to think that any of these posters will change a Santorum-supporter’s mind. Rather, we see them as a rallying cry to the converted -- those who are embarrassed to have Rick Santorum as their Senator and offended by the things he continuously says and does. Think of this poster pack as a gift to anyone who feels Pennsylvania can do better. Keep it and take a few to give to friends and family. Choose posters you like and hang them in the windows of your home. If someone asks you why you’re against Mr. Santorum, tell them. And then, on Tuesday November 7 — VOTE! Vote for the candidate who has the best chance of unseating Rick Santorum. Vote for Pennsylvania. Vote for you. Vote for change.

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